Little League Online Affidavit Instructions

Teams Tab                      
1. Download the blank PDF first and read the instructions              
2. Fill out the teams tab first                    
3. Teams will be used on other tabs of this spreadsheet              
Team Code must be a letter (A, B, C, etc)                
Team Name, Games Played, Regular Season Division are required            
A League ID is required if the affidavit being created is a Combined League affidavit.  Otherwise it is not required    
Schools Tab                      
1. Use this tab for school residency waivers                  
If you do not have any school waivered players, you can leave this tab blank          
2. All columns on this tab are required                  
3. Items in the Schools tab will be used on the Players tab              
Coaches Tab                      
1. All information on this tab is required                  
2. Up to three coaches are allowed.  Manager should be listed first            
3. Teams must be filled out first in order to select the appropriate coaches team          
Players Tab                      
1. Required columns:                      
ID, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Birthdate, Games Played, Team Code          
2. ID's must be sequential, starting with 1                  
3. League age is automatically calculated from the Birthdate column so the birthdate must be accurate      
4. Only use the School Name for a player if a school waiver is being used, otherwise leave it empty        
5. Only use the Waiver Type column if the player has a II(d), IV(h), Charter Committee waivers or School waivers, otherwise leave it empty
6. Notes will show up on the printed list of players for informational purposes only          

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